Welcome to the English homepage of Elias Soong's personal web site! Elias is my English name and the id I used for surfing the Internet. My Chinese name is Jinliang Song.

Who am I?

A researcher in Computer Science: I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Software and Theory, and will get my doctoral degree from Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in July 2008. I am looking for a post doctor position to continue his research in Process Mining. Here is my CV.
An amateur player for badminton: I feel badminton is a challenging and skillful sport. A successful player has to make good use of his/her agility, intelligence, and skills at the same time, and the strategy of opponent can be changed in every second. Although I started playing badminton in middle school, I made a fresh start for scientific training about 8 months before.
An amateur Hip-Hop dancer: Hip-Hop not only encourages me to show the best side of myself, but also provides positive attitude for life and improves the coordination of my body. I have spent part of my spare time to learn and practice Hip-Hop for about one year.

This site uses Wiki as a personal knowledge base, and uses Blog to record pieces of ideas. Most of the information in this site is still Chinese, but all pages in En group are English.

Discussion for detailed information and any comments are welcome! You may send me email via the address: elias.soong AT gmail.com

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